5 Ways To Naturally Fight Your Cellulite 0

Cellulite is, for many reasons, a topic that most women tend to avoid talking about. If you have cellulite, then you know it can make you feel less than perfect and you slowly lose your self-esteem. A high majority of adult women suffer from cellulite and it can interfere with your once bikini wearing body. There is a silver lining in all of this because you can in fact reduce your cellulite by using some of the natural methods below.

Before understanding how to reduce your cellulite, you need to be aware that cellulite appears for numerous reasons. In some women, cellulite makes itself known due to age and hormones, but most commonly due to an unhealthy diet. If you eat too many processed foods, it releases toxins into your body which can in fact make your cellulite worse over the years. It is important that you take a natural approach to curing your cellulite.

1. Focus On Eating Healthy

Your body has been accumulating toxins for years, and it is time to draw those toxins out before flushing them from your system. Foods that naturally form alkaline should be making up most of your diet. Fruits and vegetables rich in alkaline will help draw the toxins collected in your cells which can help make removal an easy process.

Introduce fruits and vegetables into your diet gradually. You don’t want to draw out too many toxins in one round, so take it slow. Your body will tell you when it needs more vegetables and you will soon enough see the benefits. For more about healthy eating, also checkout our ful article about dieting to reduce cellulite.

2. Hydrate Your Body And Flush The Toxins

Water is not only the basis of life, it is also the basis for preventing and reducing the amount of cellulite you have. You should be drinking enough pure water each day to not only flush the toxins, but to keep your body well hydrated. If you don’t particularly enjoy the taste of water, add a squirt of lemon. Drinking fresh vegetable juice also helps relieve the effects of an aging body and cellulite.

3. Say No To Salt

Swap out your table salt with healthy sea salt. The salt we often use for cooking is acidic and takes away the needed minerals from your body. It also makes your body a thriving ground for cellulite as it leads to dehydration. Continuous use of refined salt will accumulate more toxic waste in your system.

Crystal based and sea salts are both alkaline based which harbors much needed minerals your body can use. If you are guilty of using refined salt, replace it as soon as you can because you are robbing your body of the ability to fight cellulite.

4. Using A Skin Brush

It is important that you start stimulating your lymphatic system. Brushing your skin will help you move the toxins out of your system and towards your elimination channels. Skin brushing is also able to target particular areas of cellulite.

Start breaking down those fatty deposits on your cellulite affected areas by brushing your skin using circular movements. Do this several times per week for a few minutes. Go easy on your body the first couple of times and let your skin adjust to the feeling of being brushed.

5. Getting The Proper Exercise

In order to reduce the appearance of cellulite, you need to flush those toxins out through exercise. Although we have a full article about exercising for cellulite reduction  here are a few tips.  When you exercise, you start to sweat which in turn expels those nasty toxins through your skin. With enough exercise, your body will also feel toned and tight lessening your cellulite, but also creating a healthier body image overall.

There are numerous ways to fight cellulite, but natural methods are the best ones. Your doctor may prescribe you creams that appear to work, but they can also end up thinning your skin. Don’t end up with an older body; end up with a younger one by taking a natural approach!