Joey AtlasJoey Atlas is the creator of the Naked Beauty Cellulite Program and is a well-known fitness expert. Atlas is also known for his honesty and his humble beginning…

“In the flesh – I stand about 5’2″ and weigh about 132LBS… Which is a far cry from my ‘fat’ days. In my ‘fat’ days I tipped the scales at a painful 170LBS… It was at that point I realized I had to change how I live – or I would die young… That’s when my internal and external transformation began…” – Joey Atlas

After gaining control of his weight and re-focusing his life, Atlas has helped many, many clients of his reach their fitness goals. After being recognized as a legitimate personal trainer he’s been invited to write for various magazines such as OnFitness Magazine and others.

After all of this though, Atlas has found his true success and passion in helping women get rid of their unwanted cellulite, which you can learn more about here. Joey’s unique approach to eliminating cellulite (Symulast Method) has earned him much respect and awareness in the fitness industry.