Dieting to Reduce Cellulite – It Can Work 0

Nine out of ten women have unsightly cellulite patches somewhere on their body. Cellulite occurs when fat cells are pushed up against the connective tissue under the skin, forming noticeable fat nodules. It is more common in women due to their thinner skin. While cellulite can be difficult to get rid of, it is possible through constructing the proper diet. In the Naked Beauty Review, we show you how Joey Atlas goes more into detail about this, but still, this page is a good overview.

Since excessive body fat contributes to the development of cellulite, caloric restriction undertaken to reduce body fat is an important first step to getting rid of it. Generally speaking, a lot of women make the mistake of under-eating when they go on a diet.

Never consume less than 1200 calories per day or you risk losing body mass. If you fall below these levels, your body could begin to digest muscle for nutrients, lowering your lean body mass, and thereby lowering your overall metabolism. This will make it even harder for you to lose body fat.

Additionally, consider cycling your caloric intake to prevent fat loss plateaus. If you keep your calorie level at a low level for a while, your body will adjust its metabolism down to compensate. By reducing your calories for three days in a row, and then pumping up your intake to normal for one to three days, your body will not have as much of a chance to adjust to the lower calorie consumption.

One should keep sugar intake below six teaspoons per day. Excess sugar accumulates in fat cells, making them swell, thereby making cellulite appear worse. Also cut back on salt as it causes you to retain water, causing cellulite to swell.

While going on a fat reduction diet, it is important that you also try to avoid processed foods and eat plenty of whole grains and fresh nutrient dense fruits and vegetables. This will ensure that you get enough nutrients despite the fact that you are taking in less food. If your body is not getting the nutrition it needs, it can result in hunger cravings which might sabotage your diet.

At the same time you want to keep adequately hydrated, drinking at least 8 to 10 glasses of water per day. This will also help you to reduce the amount of water retained by cells and improve the hydration of the skin, which should improve the appearance of cellulite. Sometimes, fat cells are used to store toxins. Therefore, by increasing your level of hydration your body can better flush these toxins. In turn the fat cells will release their contents, including stored fat, more easily.

There are several supplements that will also accelerate your fat loss. The fucoxanthin in kelp accelerates fat burning, so if you take roughly 300 mg per day it should aid in cellulite reduction. Green coffee bean extract has also been shown to be particularly potent in shedding fat. Scientists believe this is because the extract blocks the absorption of both glucose and fat into the bloodstream. Take at least 700 mg per day, preferably 30 minutes before meal, for the maximum effect.

Flax seed oil supplementation helps to support the growth of collagen. This helps to strengthen the skin, reducing the appearance of cellulite. Two tablespoons per day is a good target dosage for flaxseed oil.

Finally, gotu kola extract also has been shown to be very effective in both strengthening the skin and reducing cellulite. One tablet before bed generally works well because the herb also tends to promote relaxation.

Many women struggle with cellulite, but the fight is not hopeless. By modifying your diet as described above, you can start to win the war against those ugly pumps that pop up on your skin.